Commercial Vehicle Air Con Repair & Servicing in Romford, Essex | Hales Commercial

An out-of-action or poorly performing air conditioning system can be a nightmare for a commercial vehicle operator. Inability to regulate temperature can make working long shifts intolerable in scorching summer heat, and freezing UK winters. Luckily, Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex, is on hand to assist clients via air conditioning repair, servicing and regassing.

Air Con Repair

Using sophisticated diagnostics equipment our technicians can quickly get to the bottom of any issue you’re suffering with your air con system. We’ll locate and explain the problem, and recommend the best course of action. It may be a simple, on-the-spot repair, or require particular parts that we’ll speedily source to ensure we get your vehicle back to full working order ASAP. Often the issue is simply a leak in the system letting refrigerant escape. In these situations, we’re able to patch leaks and recharge your system, restoring functionality.

Air Con Servicing

Air con servicing will see our technicians run diagnostics, and ensure duct temperature and gauge pressures are in line with ambient temperature. Then refrigerant will be recovered and weighed, your receiver drier will be replaced in line with manufacturer guidance, the system will be recharged, a leak test carried out and both control functions and internal components will be inspected. It’s the full package, and a proactive way of ensuring your air con doesn’t let you down at the worst possible time - e.g during a long haul drive cross-continent.

Regassing / Recharging

If you’ve found that your air conditioning has been inefficient as of late, another option is that your air con system simply needs a recharge or regas - after all, it does naturally lose about 15% of its refrigerant every year. As with servicing, this is recommended every two years or so, which is why so many clients combine the two in one visit. Recharging the system will make for an efficient, like-new system.

Keep your vehicle cool and comfortable by visiting Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex, for air con repair, servicing or re-gassing. To book in, call 01708 725 013.