A Trusted Choice for Commercial Vehicle Servicing in Ilford

As our name might suggest, Hales Commercial is a garage that dedicates itself to one particular area – the maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicle garages have a lot to offer clients over traditional, Jack of all trades garages. So on this page, targeted toward clients in the Ilford area (which is just a short drive from our premises in Dartford), we’ve looked to run over just a few ways in which our commercial vehicle servicing, light vehicle repairs and van MOTs can improve upon the services offered by less specialised competitors in the Ilford area.

Why Choose Hales Commercial Over a Generic Garage in Ilford?

Bona Fide Specialists

Generic garages which work on any and all vehicles often lack expertise in dealing with commercial ones. On the other hand, commercial vehicle garages like our own specialise in this area. This means that whether you bring in a small van, or a 44-ton heavy goods vehicle, we’ll be able to provide a standard of commercial vehicle servicing and repairs unrivalled in and around the Ilford area. From the speed of diagnostics due to having the right equipment, and over 25 years of experience providing everything from van MOTs to light commercial vehicle repairs, to the depth of advice we can offer regarding fleet management – visiting Hales Commercial over a generic Ilford garage can result in improvements to margins; simply put, we get you back on the road operating your business far faster, leading to significant cost savings.

A Tailored Service

Many larger competitors, especially chain garages operating around Ilford, simply try to get as many clients in and out of their premises over the course of a day. It often leads to a “one size fits all” approach to work, as well as rushed jobs. A family-run company that prides itself on being big enough to cope, yet small enough to care, we provide a more tailored service whether its light commercial vehicle repairs, commercial vehicle servicing, or something as simple as van MOTs that you require. We don’t want to be “just” your mechanic, but a reliable source of information, advice and assistance that allows you to keep every vehicle in your fleet in perfect working order.

The Perfect Premises

Our philosophy of continued investment within the Hales Commercial site means we operate one of the most kitted out and impressive commercial vehicle garages you’ll find in Ilford or any nearby locale. It’s large enough to allow work on 6 vehicles concurrently, which means when you book in with us for light commercial vehicle repairs, commercial vehicle servicing or HGV / van MOTs, we’ll be able to get you in at a time convenient for you, rather than offer you time slots that simply aren’t optimal. Furthermore, if you operate a larger fleet, we can get your vehicles looked over and worked on in a much smaller window of time than you’d encounter with a standard garage.

To book in a slot for light commercial vehicle repairs, commercial vehicle servicing or HGV / van MOTs, call Hales Commercial on 01708 725013. We’re close by Ilford, in Dartford.