Your Approved Tachograph Center in Romford, Essex | Hales Commercial

As an approved tachograph center for commercial vehicle operators in the Romford and Essex areas, Hales Commercials provides a range of services fitting into two distinct categories: installation, and inspection / calibration. Working with both analogue and digital tachographs, and all makes and models of vehicles, we help our clients meet regulations around drivers’ hours by ensuring their instruments are operational and accurate.

Tachograph Installation

You must have a tachograph fitted in your vehicle if it weighs over 3.5 tonnes, is used for business purposes, and is subject to EU or AETR regulations; tow vehicles transporting a trailer, which reach a combined weight of 3.5 tonnes, are also subject to the rules. There are two types of tachograph: analogue and digital.

If your vehicle was registered on or after 01/05/2006, then it must be fitted with a digital tachograph, otherwise you can choose which to go with. At Hales Commercial, we can advise you on the most appropriate type and model of tachograph, to ensure you get something that will be cost-effective, convenient and straightforward to use based on your line of work and the vehicle itself.

Tachograph Inspection & Calibration

The rules state that both analogue and digital tachographs must be inspected and re-calibrated every two years at an approved tachograph center like Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex. The process will see us make any required adjustments to ensure the tachograph can accurately establish a vehicle’s distance traveled. A precisely calibrated tachograph also helps in collision investigation, and can assist with insurance claims, as its data can be used to establish speed and acceleration at given times.

To book in for tachograph installation or inspection and calibration, or to get advice from our seasoned technicians, call Essex’s Hales Commercial on 01708 725 013.