First Choice Amongst Commercial Vehicle Garages in Essex | Hales Commercial Ltd

We’re under no illusion that we’re the only choice for commercial vehicle servicing, light commercial vehicle repairs and van MOTs in Essex. However, we are the best choice out there. That’s why our business has gone from strength to strength, and enjoys a continually growing volume of trade. In this article, to show why we’re so confident rather than just tell you, as many businesses are fond of doing, we’ve run through the characteristics that separate us from competing commercial vehicle garages in Essex.

Should you concur and wish to book in an appointment at our Romford location, pick up the phone and call 01708 725013. Our friendly team are always ready and raring to give helpful, straightforward advice that cuts through the noise.

Why Choose Hales Commercial Ltd?

Workshop Capacity

Many Essex commercial vehicle garages are too small and pokey to handle a sudden surge in activity. This means you could turn up in desperate need of commercial vehicle servicing, light commercial vehicle repairs or van MOTs, and find that you have to wait. Hardly ideal. Hales Commercial Ltd, on the other hand, has a large workshop which allows us to work on 6 vehicles concurrently. This means we service, repair and test in excess of a whopping 2,000 vehicles a year!

Unrivalled Experience

Paul Hales, who boasts 25 years’ experience in the industry, operate Hales Commercial Ltd. His experience allows us to deliver a diverse range of services – including commercial vehicle servicing, light commercial vehicle repairs and van MOTs – to a consistent standard of excellence. But this experience doesn’t just manifest itself in the quality of the workmanship itself, and comes across in the warm and friendly customer service we deliver, separating us from many other Essex commercial vehicle garages which are altogether less welcoming.


Some garages around Essex will offer services like commercial vehicle servicing, light commercial vehicle repairs and van MOTs despite not being dedicated commercial vehicle garages. They might do an OK job, but by focusing on work on the light commercial through to HGV category (e.g 44-ton vehicles), we have developed our knowledge, efficiency and workmanship to a standard beyond “Jack of all trades” garages.

So what are you waiting for? Give Hales Commercial Ltd a call on 01708 725013. We’re proud to be known as the Essex area’s first choice amongst commercial vehicle garages.