Helping Your Fleet Meet the Direct Vision Standard – Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex

If you’re operating a vehicle weighing over 12 tonnes in the Greater London area, you now require what is referred to as a Direct Vision Standard safety permit. Failing to obtain one will put you at risk of Penalty Charge Notices, with enforcement due to start from the onset of March 2021. The idea behind the initiative is to reduce road accidents throughout Greater London by eliminating HGV blind spots.

The permit itself is free to apply for via the TFL websites, but will only be issued if your vehicle meets the minimum required “star rating”. You can learn about this new system by clicking here. If you’re unsure of what your vehicle’s rating is, it’s advised to contact your manufacturer.

Getting Your Vehicle up to Scratch

Many HGVs currently on the road will be “zero star”, and thus not qualify for the permit without modification; so it’s important to figure out how you’ll make the grade. This is where Hales Commercial Ltd in Romford, Essex comes in. We can fit out your vehicle with the systems required to boost your star rating, such as:

  • Video Telematics Recorders
  • In-Cab Monitor & Driver Alert Systems
  • Blind Spot Cameras
  • Left Turn Announcer
  • Close-Proximity Sensors
  • Reversing Camera & Speaker
  • Class V and VI Mirrors
  • Sideguards
  • Warning Signage

HGV operators who order systems in time will benefit from a 90-day grace period, to account for any delays in supply and fitting. So get in contact with us ASAP to discuss your current star rating, and get a quote on the supply and installation of appropriate safety systems. This will ensure you don’t fall foul of the law once the March ’21 enforcement date rolls by!

You can reach our Romford, Essex-based commercial vehicle garage on 01708 725013.