Commercial Brake Testing in Romford, Essex | Hales Commercial

Government advice recommends all commercial vehicles undertake professional brake testing at least four times a year (including the brake test that’s a part of your MOT). This ensures your brakes, your essential first line of defense in case of emergency stops, are performing and responding sharply. It’s a vital part of maintaining a healthy fleet, capable of withstanding all the challenges constant, year-round use can present.

At Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex, we undertake brake testing for all categories, makes and models of commercial vehicle. We’ll formulate an in-depth, accurate report on brake performance for your records, so you can better understand the condition of your vehicle’s brakes. This report will measure metrics including bind, time lag, ovality, imbalance and max force, providing a well-rounded and meticulous picture of brake health.

How a Brake Test Works

First thing’s first, the vehicle should be loaded before undertaking a roller brake test, to effectively simulate road conditions and create a better grip between tyre and roller. It’s recommended that loading reach at least 65% of design axle weight.

The vehicle is then positioned on the brake tester, and the rollers are switched on and rotated at a set speed dictated by the vehicle type. Brakes are then applied by the vehicle operator. A transducer then records braking force during deceleration, individually analyzing the performance of each wheel, including any fluctuation. The test should take in the region of 20 minutes.

Ensure your fleet stays safe on the road year-round. Visit Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex for brake testing. Call our technicians today on 01708 725 013.