The Gold Standard for Light Commercial Vehicle Repairs in Chelmsford | Hales Commercial

Thanks to a loyal customer base, always willing to recommend our services to friends, families and business associates, the Hales Commercial name has travelled outside of our immediate locale of Dartford and through areas such as nearby Chelmsford. We’re always receiving visits from Chelmsford business owners/residents who are searching for commercial vehicle garages who can expertly deliver affordable fleet maintenance services, including but not limited to: light commercial vehicle repairs, commercial vehicle servicing and smaller undertakings such as van MOTs.

We’ve composed this page to provide a resource where prospective customers from the Chelmsford area can see, “at a glance”, what it is we do. Should you be in the market for any of the below services, or simply wish to speak with our friendly team of mechanics for advice and assistance (commercial vehicle garages have heaps more experience with light/heavy goods vehicles than typical, Jack of all trades garages), then cut right to the chase and call us on 01708 725 013.

A Run-down of the Services We Offer Chelmsford Customers

Light Commercial Vehicle Repairs

It’s not just the size and specifications of commercial vehicles that differ from standard consumer models; their application means you financially depend on them, and any time they’re out of action can directly impact profits and margins. This is why dedicated commercial vehicle garages, like our own near Chelmsford, are so important – we have the equipment and available space to carry out fast and accurate light commercial vehicle repairs on six vehicles concurrently. Our aim is to minimise the time your fleet spends off the road, and our expertise ensures diagnostics are swiftly/aptly handled, and parts are close at hand so you aren’t left waiting and watching the £££ cost rapidly rising!

Commercial Vehicle Servicing

While the above service is a reactive one, regular commercial vehicle servicing from a reputable specialist is proactive; it reduces the likelihood you’ll breakdown and require light commercial vehicle repairs. Another important reason Chelmsford clients should stay on top of this is that regular commercial vehicle servicing can improve fuel efficiency and thereby reduce fuel bills. When you have a fleet of X vehicles making long trips daily, these cost savings can spiral exponentially and vastly outweigh the (minor) expense of visiting commercial vehicle garages like our own.

HGV & Van MOTs

Not all Chelmsford garages are equipped to, or are in fact comfortable with, handle HGV / LGV / van MOTs. Yet it’s an essential part of fulfilling your legal responsibilities and also helps ensure your drivers are safe on the road, and not likely to experience a dangerous automotive fault. Again, the size of our premises and our mechanics’ expertise allows us to provide van MOTs quickly, yet thoroughly – getting you and your entire fleet back on the road in record time.

So what are you waiting for? If you require light commercial vehicle repairs, commercial vehicle servicing or van MOTs, call Hales Commercial near Chelmsford on 01708 725013.