Light Commercial Vehicle MOTs in Romford | Class IV and Class VII

If you run your own vehicle fleet in Romford or anywhere else in the surrounding East London, North East London or Essex areas, your drivers could be stopped at the roadside at any time by the police or by DVSA inspectors. Light commercial vehicle MOTs, which are undertaken annually, help in maintaining important safety, roadworthiness and emission standards, and eliminate the potential of having to pay fixed penalty fines.

Our Romford workshop performs light commercial vehicle MOTs and van MOTs. This is a significant benefit for businesses and for fleet operators because a single company manages all of their annual inspection requirements.

The Class IV category covers goods vehicles with a design gross weight of up to 3,000kg. Van MOTs fall into Class IV but the category also permits inspections of passenger cars seating up to 8 people, three-wheeled vehicles, quad bikes, motorhomes, ambulances, taxis, private hire vehicles and dual-purpose vehicles by a certificated DVSA inspector.

We also handle MOTs for vehicles in the Class V Light category. These are private passenger vehicles, motor caravans, ambulances and dual-purpose vehicles with in excess of 13 seats. Class V Light is slightly different to the regular Class V, having a weight limit of no more than 5,000kg.

Light commercial vehicle MOTs for makes and models with design gross weights of 3,000kg up to a limit of 3,500kg fall into the Class VII category. Romford, East London, North East London and Essex customers with vehicles above 3,500kg in weight are advised to use suitable DVSA test stations or privately-owned authorised testing facilities for inspections.

We also prepare and present HGV MOTs.


On the other end of the spectrum, we also serve private clients, performing MOTs for motorcyclists living in the Essex area. Class I takes in motorcycles with engines up to 200cc, while Class II covers motorcycles featuring engines over 200cc. Motorcycles with sidecars also fit into these two particular categories. All motorcycles over 3 years old require annual MOTs, so do be sure to book in on time at Hales Commercial, where you’ll receive a prompt service at a competitive price you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in Romford or the wider Essex area.

What Happens During Light Commercial Vehicle and Van MOTs?

Our approved inspection centre in Crow Lane, Romford, performs light commercial vehicle MOTs and van MOTs to determine legal standards. If the vehicle passes the test, our company issues a valid certificate which runs for one year. If we find items that need attention but which don’t influence the outcome of the test, we issue a list of advisories with your certificate. These are essentially recommendations of work required.

Any items which result in a test failure will see you issued with VT30 Refusal of an MOT Certificate paperwork which stipulates the reason for failure. It is your responsibility to bring the vehicle up to a safe and roadworthy standard, although we can perform the necessary repairs at our Romford workshop if you would like us to, subject to your consent.

To help fleet managers in their duties, Hales Commercial issue convenient reminders to Romford, East London, North East London and Essex customers whenever light commercial vehicle MOTs or van MOTs are due. So that you can manage your fleet more effectively, we can perform annual inspections up to one month ahead of the scheduled expiry date.

Contact us on 01708 725 013 to book in for Class IV or Class VII MOT testing and keep your fleet on the right side of the law in the event of a possible roadside inspection.