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Hales Commercial is one of the leading commercial vehicle garages serving Loughton, welcoming those in the wider Essex and London areas to its Romford location. Our expertise in commercial vehicle servicing, van MOTs and light commercial vehicle repairs ensures that your fleet stays on the road with minimal downtime. Here, we discuss 10 of the most common light commercial vehicle repairs we undertake week-to-week, and how addressing these issues promptly can save you from costly repairs in the long run.

Top 10 Common Commercial Vehicle Repairs

Brake Repairs – Brakes are crucial for the safety of any commercial vehicle. Frequent use can lead to wear and tear. Regular commercial vehicle servicing and keeping on top of van MOTs can help Loughton operators identify issues such as worn brake pads or discs, preventing brake failure and ensuring safe operation.

Engine Overheating – Overheating is a common issue encountered at commercial vehicle garages, especially in vehicles that cover long distances. Causes can include coolant leaks or a failing thermostat. Timely light commercial vehicle repairs can prevent Loughton fleet operators from having to deal with engine damage and costly replacements.

Transmission Problems – Transmission issues can arise from improper maintenance, e.g a lack of commercial vehicle servicing, or extensive use. Symptoms include difficulty in shifting gears or slipping gears. Early diagnosis, perhaps during van MOTs booked in at our location near Loughton, can prevent major transmission failures.

Electrical System Failures – Modern vehicles rely heavily on their electrical systems. Problems requiring light commercial vehicle repairs can range from faulty wiring to battery issues. Regular checks at commercial vehicle garages can ensure all electrical components function correctly.

Suspension Issues – The suspension system supports the vehicle’s weight and absorbs shocks from the road. Over time, components like shocks, struts and springs can wear out. Visiting commercial vehicle garages like Hales near Loughton for light commercial vehicle repairs can improve ride comfort and vehicle stability.

Exhaust System Repairs – A damaged exhaust system can lead to increased emissions and noise. Regular inspection during commercial vehicle servicing or van MOTs can catch issues early, ensuring compliance with emission standards and reducing noise pollution.

Tyre Replacements – Tyres are critical for vehicle safety and fuel efficiency. Regular checks for wear and proper inflation during visits to commercial vehicle garages can prevent blowouts and improve overall vehicle performance.

Cooling System Maintenance – The cooling system keeps the engine at an optimal temperature. Problems like radiator leaks or a faulty water pump can lead to overheating. Preventive maintenance at commercial vehicle garages can keep the cooling system in top shape.

Fuel System Repairs – Issues in the fuel system, such as clogged filters or a failing fuel pump, can reduce the efficiency of Loughton fleets. Regular commercial vehicle servicing can identify and fix these problems, ensuring optimal fuel consumption and performance.

Van MOTs & General Inspections

Regular van MOTs are essential for ensuring that light commercial vehicles active in and around Loughton meet all safety and environmental standards. During van MOTs, potential issues are identified and addressed, preventing larger problems down the line.

At Hales Commercial, we understand the importance of keeping fleets operational. Our comprehensive commercial vehicle servicing ensures that all potential issues are identified and repaired promptly. By choosing us, you benefit from:

  • Expertise in Light Commercial Vehicle Repairs – Our skilled technicians have extensive experience in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of issues, ensuring your vehicles are back on the road quickly.
  • Convenient Location – Based in Romford, we are easily accessible to clients in Essex and London, including Loughton.
  • Comprehensive Van MOTs – Regular Van MOTs at dedicated commercial vehicle garages are essential for the safety and compliance of your fleet. We provide thorough inspections and necessary repairs to keep your vehicles roadworthy.

Trust Hales Commercial for commercial vehicle servicing, light commercial vehicle repairs and van MOTs. Contact us on 01708 725013 to learn more about how we can support your Loughton business.