Commercial Vehicle Servicing in Romford | Your Questions Answered

While our company is well-known throughout North East London, East London and Essex for the quality of our commercial vehicle servicing and our light commercial vehicle repairs, our location in Romford sees us undertaking work for many local customers and clients. Because we have DVSA approval for Class IV and Class VII testing, Hales Commercial is often the preferred choice for light commercial vehicle MOTs and van MOTs.

Like all reputable commercial vehicle garages, we believe in putting the customer first. In our role as fleet commercial vehicle servicing and light commercial vehicle servicing specialists, we know how important it is for individuals and businesses in the Romford area to have a fully operational fleet, and how critical breakdowns can be for them.

Hales Commercial has an outstanding reputation for being one of the most customer-focused fleet commercial vehicle garages in our region. To reinforce this claim, we use this page to answer a small handful of questions for prospective Romford customers and clients who might be considering using Hales Commercial for the first time.

What are the benefits of commercial vehicle servicing?

We believe the biggest benefit of commercial vehicle servicing is reliability. Commercial vehicle garages help in reducing the potential for breakdowns by providing maintenance services at scheduled intervals. This optimises vehicle uptime and makes the entire fleet more productive. In turn, companies become more efficient and profitable.

It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a sole trader in Romford with a small van or a large company in need of fleet commercial vehicle servicing. We promise to have you covered.

Do you only take on light commercial vehicle repairs?

No. While light commercial vehicle repairs are a core service for our company, we’re just as happy to provide repairs for trucks, lorries and HGVs. Our popular Romford workshop accommodates up to six vehicles at any one time and in the last year alone, we’ve performed commercial vehicle servicing and repairs on more than 2,000 models.

We have the operational capacity to work on vehicles weighing up to 44 tonnes so you’ll always be able to use us for servicing and repair work with total confidence.

What makes you different from other fleet commercial vehicle garages in Romford?

Our approach to HGV and light commercial vehicle servicing is one thing but our commitment to improvement is arguably the reason why customers in Romford choose us ahead of other fleet commercial vehicle garages in the area. Our investment into people, software and equipment enables better standards of service and complete client care.

We’re very much aware that we work in an industry that constantly evolves. By having provisions in place through investment, Hales Commercial continues to grow as a business.

Why should I consider you for van and light commercial vehicle MOTs?

The best argument for using us for LVC and van MOTs is the fact we perform inspections over the Class IV and Class VII categories. This ensures any vehicle weighing up to 3,500kg receives impartial testing at our premises in Romford. Just as importantly, we ensure your fleet stays safe and roadworthy so you’ll never have to worry about roadside inspections.

Light commercial vehicle MOTs also check for emissions. At Hales Commercial, we help in keeping your fleet green as well as keeping it efficient, productive and profitable.

Call our Romford workshop on 01708 725013 to discuss commercial vehicle servicing, light commercial vehicle repairs or light commercial and van MOTs.