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Operating a commercial fleet can be challenging; whether you’re organising cross country or international deliveries, running a removals firm, or simply moving produce between multiple outlets – logistics are a fine science. Part of ensuring a fleet of commercial vehicles operates seamlessly is its maintenance. By bringing in and working with commercial vehicle garages – like Hales Commercial in Romford, Essex – you can minimise the stress involved in this side of things. We’ll ensure that everything from scheduled van MOTs and commercial vehicle servicing, to essential light commercial vehicle repairs, are handled to the highest of standards – and at the most competitive costs you’ll find in Romford or wider Essex.

One part of a vehicle that can experience issues and require urgent attention is the exhaust system. The job they fulfil is essential: divert harmful and toxic fumes away from the engine, and do so in a legal and safe manner. A mechanical failure in this area can endanger your drivers, which in turn puts the company at risk. The importance of a well-running exhaust system is why this component receives attention during both commercial vehicle servicing and van MOTs – which we offer at our commercial vehicle garages in Romford, Essex. But what about failure that calls for a reactive response, such as urgent light commercial vehicle repairs? That’s the subject of today’s blog…

When Should I Consider Replacing a Vehicle’s Exhaust?

Your Exhaust is Getting Noisy – A common sign of exhaust trouble experienced by Essex motorists is a buzzing or rumbling sound, or simply a palpable increase in volume emerging from the exhaust. In some cases it’s simply the fact that exhaust contains a silencer, and this has worn down. But while a noisy exhaust by itself is not an urgent issue, it’s also a common symptom of more serious issues – like an exhaust having rusted, or partially disconnected from the undercarriage. Mention anything you’ve noticed around exhaust noise during any van MOTs or commercial vehicle servicing you receive at our Romford, Essex location should you be concerned.

Your Vehicle is Vibrating – Vibrations picked up through the steering wheel, seat or pedals can signal a range of problems: only one of which is exhaust trouble. Often the problem is a leak in the exhaust system, which means your engine is working overtime and causing this vibrating or shuddering sensation. A leak is definitely cause for investigation at commercial vehicle garages, where replacement or light commercial vehicle repairs can be undertaken – readying the vehicle to get back safely on the road.

You’ve Noticed a Drop off in Efficiency – Commercial fleet operators around Essex typically pay very close attention to the cost of operating individual vehicles, and this is how many of them identify symptoms that require investigation at commercial vehicle garages. After all, every penny spent above strictly necessary expenditure signals a hit to the bottom line, and a win for your competitors. So if you’ve noticed that you’re not getting as many miles to the gallon as you’re used to, consider visiting Hales Commercial in Romford for diagnostics. It might be due to an exhaust leak (which should also be picked up on during run of the mill van MOTs and commercial vehicle servicing).

For further advice regarding individual components, van MOTs or the commercial vehicle servicing we provide Essex clients, call the Hales team right away on 01708 725013.